Touken Ranbu - Online - Juzumaru Tsunetsugu (Ora...Touken Ranbu - Online - Juzumaru Tsunetsugu (Orange Rouge)




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219 days ago (19 days ago)okami34okami34
Damn son,that hair! *o* Why do men from Touken Ranbu make it look so effortless grow hair long like this? While we girls break our butts to at least get our hair to grow a fraction of length this?
41 month agoDamidnighterDamidnighter
I'll really need to see a prototype before I know how I feel about this... I adore his design but the anatomy of his official arts bothers me to no end
21 month agorubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720
Sasuga Tenka to not just get announcement for Scale but Nendo as well

I'd love to see a scale of Kogarasumaru too
31 month agoKarumiKarumi Bishie Enthusiast
Curious as to how his art will translate into a scale figure. He's extremely slim but his hair is huge.
71 month agoSkyBlueEyesSkyBlueEyes
His legs will snap from the weight of his hair though.
11 month agosuwa194suwa194
01 month agomeganeboymeganeboy
Akira (1 month ago) #18347524I cannot see anyone but Sakurako sculpting this dude.
I was just gonna comment that sakurako better sculpt this
31 month agoAkiraAkira
I cannot see anyone but Sakurako sculpting this dude.
41 month agomeganeboymeganeboy
I'd like to thank not only god but also jesus
01 month agoKitahKitah
Best sword Juzu is on his way!

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