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Touken Ranbu - Online - Ichigo Hitofuri (Orange ...Touken Ranbu - Online - Ichigo Hitofuri (Orange Rouge)




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013 hours agofortykoubunsfortykoubuns Fujo Trash Receptacle
My sad face when I saw that GSC posted this as a 'new announcement' on their Facebook page ([ext link ]) during Wonfest a couple weeks ago >[
75 months agoMiyukichiMiyukichi
We'll be waiting for you, our dearest Ichi-nii...
25 months agoLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
Finally~! All 3 of my favorite characters (are gonna) have a 1/8 figure. Here's Ichigo and I'm just probably gonna wait for Shokudaikiri to get an Orange Rouge incarnation for uniformity's sake. XD
35 months agoEamxuEamxu
The love of my life is coming and I must have him.
25 months agoInoXoyInoXoy
I wish for Uguisumaru and Kousetsu Samonji also! o(〃^▽^〃)o
25 months agorubyserpent_720rubyserpent_720
Finally Ichinii!
15 months agoAdrienAgresteAdrienAgreste
25 months agoTrashCatTrashCat
Ugh ... just as I've decided not to buy male figures anymore, they announce my fave sword ... XD damn you OR ...
15 months agoAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi
Yayyyy, he and nakigitsune will be the last Touken Ranbu scales I buy. I've been waiting for you Ichigo, I can't wait to welcome you to the family ;w;
36 months agoBroetchenBroetchen
I was hoping that he would get an Orange Rouge scale. I even mailed them to ask for it.
And now the announcement is here! Best sword by far! xD

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