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841 month ago (1 month ago)SuperMilkSuperMilk
Finally something that's not Rem. Good job!
711 month ago (1 month ago)Umaru-chanUmaru-chan
Finally Emilia.
Finally my Girl.
Finally Best Girl.

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010 hours ago (10 hours ago)Play-AsiaPlay-Asia
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322 hours agolluviakatelluviakate
AND finally all the Emilla fans have a moment of silence
01 day agoixu_komeijiixu_komeiji
Available for pre-order @ iXu Deviance (46.08€)
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71 day agoMaryNekoChanMaryNekoChan
Pucchi (2 days ago) #19259899I hope we get a figma.. =(

Since Max Factory has already anounced Ram and Rem's Figmas, possibly Emilia shoul have one too :o
And if it came with Puck and her hoodie too it would be so cute >w<
92 days agoPucchiPucchi
I hope we get a figma.. =(
02 days agoPyroMancerPyroMancer
Looking for a split with her crying face available! Please PM!
32 days agoT-dawgT-dawg Fictional Idols are the...
No GSC bonus dang.
02 days agodark9tailsdark9tails
songtantan (2 days ago) #19249569what do you mean hair pieces come different in shape?
I would assume there is some sort of groove on the inside to make them fit.
kahotan's blog didn't go into any detail other than telling us the hoodie and hairpiece is attached.

I mean like the front hair piece "connector" or however you call it lol.
52 days agosongtantansongtantan
deussolaris (2 days ago) #19249902the crying face is so weird, aren't nendos supposed to be happy and cute :(

Agree, I hesitated a bit, but the hood finally won me over.
I don't like displaying my nendoroid sad. That face probably will never be displayed on nendoroid for me. Mabye I will put it in those faceplate cases.
02 days agosongtantansongtantan
PoisonCupcake13 (2 days ago) #19252979I hope it's like the hoodie of yoshino :C

i know.
I was hoping for the same thing.
It will look so cute on other character.
Maybe it's possible to remove the bangs.
All the info we get is hair is attached. .

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