Pocket Monsters - Lilie - Rokon - G.E.M. - Alola...Pocket Monsters - Lilie - Rokon - G.E.M. - Alola Form (MegaHouse)



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314 months agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
Hmm.. rather have Kotobukiya do her though.. Megahouse's Pokemon figures sucks a$$.
254 months agoAoKiseTartAoKiseTart
*prays for Guzma*

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13 days agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Lillie is adorable, but it is Alolan Vulpix that seals the deal.
015 days agosquiddokiddosquiddokiddo
I'm loving all these Lillie prototypes lately

Can't wait for all these little darlings to come out!
016 days ago (7 days ago)azusamukamiazusamukami
I'll have to wait and see her in color first
217 days agootaku-kabobotaku-kabob
Hmm... I'm not convinced... yet. I'll have to see the painted prototype to know if I want her or not.
017 days agoLouise-ChanLouise-Chan
she is also very cute x3 so I will buy her and the koto one
01 month agootaku-kabobotaku-kabob
brucesolmiano (4 months ago) #18349628Hmm.. rather have Kotobukiya do her though.. Megahouse's Pokemon figures sucks a$$.
I wouldn't go quite that far, but they certainly are overpriced for their small size, that's for sure... I think them being even $10-15 cheaper would go a long way, at least in my opinion... :/
41 month agoHikaruharu17Hikaruharu17
Lilie is a great choice and she is my favorite gal, but after watching Gladion appear in the anime and game, he deserves a figure for his story and his looks. He is one of the coolest edgy characters ive ever seen in the pokemon universe and i hope one day Gladion can get a figure. For now, ill settle for my favorite gal Lilie. ;)
01 month agoCure-SunshineCure-Sunshine
Lana please :(
61 month agoHikaruharu17Hikaruharu17
Gladion next plz!!!
01 month agoGCNessGCNess
too pure from this world

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