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High School Fleet - Wilhelmina Braunschweig Inge...High School Fleet - Wilhelmina Braunschweig Ingenohl Friedeburg - 1/8 - Swimsuit Ver. (Good S...





© Good Smile Company / Nishibu Hidetoshi / Sakura

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04 days ago (4 days ago)XxKingYBxXXxKingYBxX
Don't know the source, but I'll get her and pretend she's Sena :^)
04 days agoPlazaJapanPlazaJapan
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07 days agomotaku96motaku96
I feel retarded. I thought it was Sena when I saw this...
Mina's good and all, but the rest of the crew needs figures. Where my Rin-chan at?

Swimsuits are kinda boring but I like that she keeps her uniform jacket over it. Really saves the figure.
08 days agoevilcat005evilcat005
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