Himawari! - Hinata Himawari - 1/8 (Max Factory)Himawari! - Hinata Himawari - 1/8 (Max Factory)


Himawari! - Hinata Himawari - 1/8 (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Kawabata Kazuo / okama

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04 months agoChannelSquareChannelSquare
Selling mine - in excellent condition. Comes with original box :D PM for more info.
09 months agoShadowSkilzShadowSkilz
Someone knows where I can find the original artwork by Okama ?
01 year agoNekoAleuNekoAleu Yellow Cutie
Selling mine along with ALL of my other figures (left, that is.. sold about half now)
AUTHENTIC. NO BOX. ONLY USED FOR DISPLAY. Will ship internationally.
Please make me an offer. I really need to get rid of my figures fast!
02 years agoWildstarWildstar
Wow, I remember when this figure was popular... Now Himawari seems long forgotten...

Preowned B at Amiami for ¥2770 (ext link)
02 years agoMechaMarinMechaMarin
Mine just came in. I've wanted for awhile and she is just too good! I only got her for 20 bucks!!!
03 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
Just got mine today, so lovely! I can't believe how big she is XD
03 years agoHachikoHachiko
I'm selling mine! Message me if you're interested. :3
03 years agoddelossantos11ddelossantos11
Got her! Shes really nice! a good job
04 years agoxylexyle
mememoAnime king on ebay has her for sale for US $29.99 if your interested

That's almost half the original price!
Is it authentic?

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