Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Zack Fair - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)

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Yes the Figure itself is really beautiful.

Someone at Toyark.com also said, that he asked (Like i did, over and over again) Square Enix at TWITTER for Zack, Cid and Aerith.

Like i said, bugging Square at Twitter or Email (See below)
REALLY helps a lot. Iam sure Aerith will also follow, along with Genesis.

Oh and i hope there will be Kadaj, too, since he is Sephiroth in Young Version :D

Concerning the Remakes, i really hope that Square will do Crisis Core
and Dissidia 1+2 for PS4. I will buy Dissidia NT of course,
but i also would like to see Crisis Core and Dissidia 1+2 for PS4
4 days ago
the wait was SO worth!! zack, my real hero ~
7 days ago
ugendo ( ´-ω・)︻┻┳══━一
Damn this might be my first PAK
14 days ago
Instant pre-order, can't wait for this one to go up. I wonder if Square just decided to give Zack some love with the FF7 remake coming up, or if it's a hint at a Crisis Core HD?
14 days ago
Bless Square you've messed up some recent PAKs but not this one
21 days ago
He's looking real good, can't wait!
29 days ago
Nippon Yasan is really good, pre Order Prices as so damn Cheap
but will Sky Rocket on Release.

They even avoid Customs Duty, for me living in the European Union
it is really awesome to avoid Customs Duty, every Package will be
Delivered to my Home Door.

New Final Fantasy Dissidia Play Arts Kai were also revealed
Tina FF6 + Lightning FF13. AC Cid was also shown as i said.

Many People say it is "Useless" to write Square Enix asking about
certain PAK Characters, but as you can see the Result NOW
with PAK Cid, PAK Aqua, PAK Zack it really helps a lot.

I have asked so often about Zack and Genesis.

Iam pretty sure they will do every Crisis Core Character and every
Dissidia Character in the Future
1 month ago
Really loving this! I'd even buy a young 2nd Class Zack from CC. Hell, that said... I'd totally buy all the Turks from Before Crisis!
1 month ago
OMG about fucking time! holy shiet!!
1 month ago
Ventus85 (1 month ago) #26230500New Pictures in Color are available here:
And yes, in my Opinion he is Perfect concering the Face Sculpt.
As i said, i have my doubt there will be an Alternate Head
(With Hair on Front) but iam okay with that. He is perfect as he is.

He sure is! Since I have to wait for this release for about 4 years, I have no problem with just one head tho ^^
And thanks a lot for recommending nippon-yasan ^^ I didn't know that they have so many good deals ^^
1 month ago
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