Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Zack Fair - Pla...Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Zack Fair - Play Arts Kai (Square Enix)




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16 days agosnow_himesnow_hime
Please make him perfect!!!!
018 days agoSkyBlueEyesSkyBlueEyes
Please oh please oh please make Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth with short hair in front. I love the short hair in front. And young Zack and infantry Cloud too. *puppy eyes*
319 days agoGracefulGliderGracefulGlider
I knew it was worth staying alive
023 days agoMagicPepenMagicPepen
026 days agoLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
This is what I had been waiting for!
527 days agoko4erishkako4erishka
028 days agoUnitaUnita
NEED. Even tho I don't like Play Arts Kai too much, getting Zack is just a must for me ~
*hype hype*
028 days agoJunkGarageJunkGarage
028 days agosnow_himesnow_hime
OMG! I cannot pass on this one *o*
128 days agoGokaiSilver452GokaiSilver452
Love how CC Zack looks, and I hope they flesh that game's character roster out a bit beyond CC Aerith and possibly Angel... gotta do Genesis... heck maybe even Lazard? Though they might just do a CC Sephiroth...hah...

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