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016 days agoHijikataCloudHijikataCloud
Wow! Looks like I'm going to have to buy all the Cloud Strife Square Enix makes now. Wouldn't mind a Classic Cloud with the Hardy Daytona, too. Now that cures the saltiness of being a student and not having the money to buy the original statues and action figures in the past. But hope they include the Ultima Sword to recreate his Omnislash break limit. Then seven Clouds will be enough to do it.
023 days agoMagicPepenMagicPepen
026 days agoLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
I only want the bike but so be it.
If this goes beyond $300 and will be released within this year; I don't think I will be able to afford it. :(
127 days ago (27 days ago)AiolosAiolos
Wow damn, fenrir with functional sword storage

The price of this will nuke wallet dry tho
227 days agoSekhmetSekhmet Killing Stalking
Even though their other figures were crap their AC Cloud and Sephiroth (kinda) were really good so I'm excited for this one. But honestly I wish they'd just sell them separate. I already have the other Cloud which I love but gdi this Cloud with his sunglasses and fenrir is a must have but will be soooooo expensive :(
227 days agoFigureDuchessFigureDuchess
How about selling just the bike.. like.. you know... for the people who've owned AC Cloud for ages already...?
028 days agoGhaoulGhaoul
What a nostalgia bomb. To this day I'm basically an Advent Children baby (only experienced Noctis and co's tale aside from it). I never even thought about this becoming a figure, my word. View spoilerHide spoilerIt reminded me of an old, old AMV I haven't seen in about a decade too. [ext link ]
128 days agoTayaTaya
The price will be crushing but fk it - it's the dream Cloud!
028 days agoAoKiseTartAoKiseTart
028 days agoShirokageShirokage
Hooo boy... This version 2 alone is going to be murder on the wallet, but Cid, Zack, and Lightning? *prepares to file for bankruptcy*

And gah, how many Cloud PAKs is this now? Originally, I was on the fence about getting the purple Remake Cloud too, but now I'm wondering if SE is going to do Hardy Daytona as well...

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