Yuri!!! on Ice - Katsuki Yuuri - Nendoroid - Plain clothes ver. (Orange Rouge)

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2 months ago
haro mizu no akashi
Good Smile is the real MVP. They're the only figure company that remotely acknowledges that Yuuri is the damn protagonist of the series.

Other companies are like "uh who's Yuuri, here's yet another Victor."

(That being said I do hope they make a Phichit eventually.)
2 months ago
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He's so cute! ♥
But I hope that the jacket and scarf will be an extra part, so you can place him without it.
23 days ago
These variant nendos are driving me cra cra, another one I want just to use a faceplate with the other nendo is Kato Megumi's original nendo and the heroine's dress nendo
1 month ago
This is going to be the cutest nendoroid ever. I can't stop thinking about it. So grateful :')
1 month ago
I'm looking forward to his new faceplate. I like the idea of being able to get more expressions for these guys, the magic of swaps <3.
2 months ago
KuroUchiha (2 months ago) #24124055yurio casual version next plz
keep them yuri on ice figure comingg

Casual Yurio and coach Victor nendos are confirmed, if you didn't know
2 months ago
yurio casual version next plz

keep them yuri on ice figure comingg
2 months ago
AshuriiKareshi (2 months ago) #24093245I hate how some people on this nendo are saying they're milking it or i wish they can do this character but on viktors everyone is just happy.....
I mean I know Yuuri has 3 nendoroids now but 1 is also exclusive. Why cant people just let the people who love Yuuri be happy. Viktor has gotten like 3 scale figures so far and no other character even has a prototype yet. Let us have this at least. As someone who adores Yuuri a lot more then Viktor, I just want to see my little angel get the attention he deserves ;u;

...I don't think anyone who is upset about the "3 Yuuri's" are really trying to "not let others be happy about Yuuri getting another figure". For me at least, I'm just frustrated because they didn't announce anyone else outside of the YVY trio for new nendoroids. I dunno, maybe a part of me is worried that this may lead into a semi "Miku/Saber" situation where _______ gets a ton of figures compared to the rest of the cast. (and in YOI's case, the series made me care about the side characters to where I'd actually want figures of them, and not just keychains/pins/charms/ect.)

And in my defense, GSC is the only company I "pay attention to" since I mainly collect nendoroids (and the occasional figma/figuarts). I have no real interest in scales, so I legit had no idea that Victor was so popular with other companies as far as figures go. Heck, I adore Victor, but I'd still be saying the same thing if the "3 nendoroid situation" happened to him.
2 months ago
Super cute
2 months ago
And I hope they include his tummy xDDD
2 months ago
I hope it include his mask that he always wears.

Also the Concept art hasn't been released yet but they said they're planning on making the following Yuri on Ice nendoroids, which is:
Nendoroid Victor Nikiforov: Coach Version
Nendoroid Yuri Plisetsky: Casual Version/
2 months ago
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