Death Note - Yagami Light - Figutto - 008 (Griff...Death Note - Yagami Light - Figutto - 008 (Griffon Enterprises)



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12 months agoLehstLehst
wow. I had no idea this existed. looks really good!
04 months ago (4 months ago)AbuMooAbuMoo
07 months agoDarkMagicianDarkMagician
Looking to buy
01 year agoBADartBADart
I got him a very long time ago without knowing anything about it. Now it has no box and missing some accessories but still is in vey good condition
01 year ago (6 months ago)kegadollkegadoll
Got him & Ryuk :)
21 year agojulia9295julia9295
If anyone is selling this please please message me! I would LOVE to buy this!!!
02 years agoOtakughoulOtakughoul
Is there any websites that have this figure? I can't find any except for amazon and ebay. But it's very expensive. Please let me know if this figure is for a cheaper price. Thank You.:)
02 years agoendless-timeendless-time
If anyone is selling this or knows a website is selling this at a good price please let me know :)
03 years ago (3 years ago)iced_wineiced_wine
selling mine: sale #24715 sold
03 years agoKaito570Kaito570
tanis01 (3 years ago) #2154122theres just a few light figures and is good to have one,I want ryuk figure too and an L figure(but itdoesn't exist a figguto of him) and nendoroid is hard to find.
I would want a figure of L, Mello, Matt, and Near oh and that one guy that was one of Lights followers the one with the glasses and suitcase. Sadly their aren't any figuttos or any good size figures. :(

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