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Code of Princess - Solange Blanchefleur de Lux - 1/7 (empty)

Code of Princess - Solange Blanchefleur de Lux - 1/7 (empty)
Scale & Dimensions
1/7  H=320mm (12.48in, 1:1=2.24m)
Release dates
07/26/2012 As Limited + Exclusive
12/2011 As Limited + Exclusive
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Only available at the Empty online store.

Made to order.


Wow this item seems rare. I still can't search for one for a decent price
3 days ago
Genuine private collector here selling his Code Of Princess -Warrior Princess Solange at ¥18500 before shipping cost. Item is brand new, unopened, MISB Mint in Sealed Box and kept in a pet free and non smoking home. Kindly PM me if you're to need more pics or check on the shipping fee to your country before deciding.

All items sold were all imported from Japan. Payment can be made via PayPal. =)
9 days ago
I've gotta ask, is it normal that my Solange barely has shading on her curves? I see so many pictures that have her nearly spray tanned to accentuate her curves. I literally bought her due to those previews. Maybe just luck of the draw/painter was lazy on the one I received? Still gave it a 9 due to immense detail but, very bummed out by the lack of hard shading. Mine has non orange hair so I'm confused as to it's authenticity. Anyone have a similar experience?
17 days ago
Anyone selling this item in USA ?
26 days ago
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
5 months ago
Selling Solange for $85. Her belt broke at the end but can be glued. One peg broken on her foot but she still stands and two of the spikes on her right hand have fallen off. She comes with her box. Price is negotiable. US only.
7 months ago
Selling mine, new price : 129.90 € => 119.90 € : SALE #98702
1 year ago
I think I will sell mine :)
1 year ago
Just received her and she's beautiful. Embrace's sculpt is amazing. The only flaw I would find would be her skin tone is a little pale in comparison to her pinched areas around her clothing like breastplate and thong.
1 year ago

I am interested in buying this figure, if anyone is selling I would appretiate if you could PM me so that we can see.

But, JFYTK....I am looking for an affordable price and a good shipping service that is also economic.

Thank you for consideration
2 years ago
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