K-ON! - Nakano Azusa (Houbunsha SEGA)K-ON! - Nakano Azusa (Houbunsha SEGA)


K-ON! - Nakano Azusa (Houbunsha SEGA)


Wonder Festival 2011 Winter exclusive
Limited to 1000 pieces
(ext link)



© Houbunsha / SEGA / Kakifly

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026 days agoB-ConB-Con
Just a reminder that there is a similar figure with a different base: item #148698 . (This version is limited.)
02 months agoSzczekusSzczekus
Anyone willing to sell? :)
010 months agoChimpanzeeChimpanzee
Selling Azusa and Yui for 60$ each, PM if interested ;)
01 year agoBonesBones
I did a new entry for the prize figure of her: item #148698
01 year ago (1 year ago)KaibaLifeKaibaLife
580 Y: (ext link)
01 year agoterramishuterramishu nyan?
2,500 yen
(ext link)
01 year agopitri88pitri88
saramew (1 year ago) #1065789She's sold out everywhere! ;__;

Im willing to part with mine. Please PM me your best offer :D
01 year agosaramewsaramew
She's sold out everywhere! ;__;
02 years ago (2 years ago)dymitrdymitr
(ext link)

Just bought her on Mandarake for 1000yen. Now I only hope I will get her ^^

Seems she was sold out T.T
02 years agokk090200kk090200 Con going Anime lover!!...
maplegoldJust got one for 139 HKD ($18) but I think it's the cheap-prizes not the WF limited since it has the K-ON on the base. BUT it's still cute.

Same figure... just not limited. She is rather adorable either way!

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