Fate/EXTRA - Caster EXTRA - 1/8 (Phat Company)Fate/EXTRA - Caster EXTRA - 1/8 (Phat Company)

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02 days agoTigerChanTigerChan
I'm selling mine for €65. Please PM me for photos and shipping quotes ^^
04 days agotohoeshinkitohoeshinki
01 month ago (1 month ago)RightStufAnimeRightStufAnime
In stock @ Right Stuf Anime ($92.99)
Your order will be shipped with care and lots of padding.
Right Stuf handles all the customs paperwork for easy, no hassle delivery. If you are from Canada, we pre-collect customs for a 2 to 3 day delivery with no customs wait.
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02 months agoHalcioneHalcione
Mine arrived yesterday. Aside from the thumbprint I left on the mirror because I'm dumb, she's 100% perfect.

Freaking adorable.
03 months agoMagusZeroMagusZero
A pretty decent figure. I got mine today. The blue stand isn't too special, save for fitting the visual theme of the game she comes from. The colors and paint job is decent - there are probably some small mistakes, but none that really stood out to me on the first look over the figure. The pose is probably the most interesting thing about the figure, though the eyes almost seemed a little duller than I expected. Still, I could probably say 8.5/10.
03 months agoRyanHljRyanHlj
In stock @ HobbyLink Japan Hlj.com (¥8,400)
Product page => [ext link ]
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03 months ago (2 months ago)HalcioneHalcione
Giving up my amiami pre-order. 7,180y + shipping.

I'm not too happy it happened this late, but the figma definitely grew on me a lot and would like to order that instead. Maybe I can catch some leftovers from HS or something >_>
03 months agoEnvattaEnvatta
Seems like she'll be coming out on the 11th according to the recent announcement. GSC buggered up and listed her CCC version instead, but since this is the only one getting rereleased, it must be a mistake and they'll correct it soon.

[ext link ]
04 months agoF0XSQUADF0XSQUAD
Will there be anything different from the original release or will it be the exact same (true re-release)? Also, is there any point in having 2(asking because I somehow feel like I'm missing something even though I have the figure already XD)?
05 months agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
Available for pre-order @ Solaris Japan

Pre-Order at Solaris Japan!
└ Check product page for details.
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15 months ago (5 months ago)RaduRadu
Was feeling impatient and ordered one of the older releases from Solaris since they still had her as "Brand New". Just got here today, while Caster herself looks great, the base doesn't seem to align quite right and the mirror seems a bit scratched. Anyone else looking to pick this up might want to wait until the 2016 release.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Radu1469899652.jpeg
I hope I'm just being dumb and not putting it in right, but the center plastic seems to going into her heel too much and the front refuse to go in.
07 months agokusuriokusurio
Figma or this figma or this figma or this
07 months agoHalcioneHalcione
Boy it took me quite a while to decide between this and the figma that just came out for pre-orders. Decided to go with this figure after all. As much as the figma would fit better on my current collection, a couple parts of it seemed iffy to me. Plus the recommendations from previous owners all over here is mighty convincing.

And now, I wait :x
07 months agokirinhobbykirinhobby
Buy now @ Kirin Hobby - $80.95 (Early Bird)
FREE SHIPPING! within US. See link for details (ext link)
17 months agoHyperGenkiHyperGenki
Tamamo sure seems to be gaining popularity in the figure world lately. About time though.
07 months agoNamielNamiel Miracle∞Namiacle
Finally the figure I really like of her. :3
08 months agoTemreianTemreian
Right now you can get her for 7,180 JPY on AmiAmi; that's less than the 2012 price. AmiAmi Page
08 months agoixu_komeijiixu_komeiji
Available for pre-order @ iXu Deviance (76.95€)
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08 months agoturnmebackwardsturnmebackwards
I want her but unsure where she would work in my collection.... but the temptation!

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