Rewrite - Senri Akane - Niitengo (Toy's Works)Rewrite - Senri Akane - Niitengo (Toy's Works)



Comes with Dengeki G's Magazine 2011/06



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05 years agoMoneyTalksMoneyTalks
140 yen at CDJapan

I'm getting it although I don't know where she is from
05 years agoKamKam
Decided to grab it during HLJs flat-rate shipping promotion.
06 years ago (6 years ago)Deus_OmnisDeus_Omnis
990 yen at amiami ... or free with the june issue of dengeki g (mag is only like 1250 yen) ... not really a difficult choice now is it?
06 years agobahamut_zerobahamut_zero
Great, no I ordered her aswell. At first I didn't want to, but than I thought it would look stupid to have every other of the little figures but her >__>"
06 years agobahamut_zerobahamut_zero
Preorders are open at AmiAmi


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