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Satanikus ENMA Kerberos - Yukihime - SIF EX (Yam...Satanikus ENMA Kerberos - Yukihime - SIF EX (Yamato)





© Yamato / Fujiura Toui

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07 months agoEroPersonaEroPersona
Snagged this for $40 at Mandarake in Akiba. Condition is acceptable but the box was pretty messed up.

It's really lovely to see a unique, bright color combination like this.
01 year ago (1 year ago)GTOunetGTOunet
Selling mine from France (Paris), open but like new, 59 €, mp me =)
02 years agoPoyanyoPoyanyo
[ext link ]

7,000 yen - not opened/box damaged
02 years agocrocatootcrocatoot
cant seem to find under $70...
02 years ago (2 years ago)newchillnewchill
Similar pose as item #5780 ...copied?
02 years agoHyeVltg3HyeVltg3
Takasugi (2 years ago) #2240142A/C 5,520 JPY [ext link ]
Gone! damn some people are fast T_T
02 years agoTakasugiTakasugi
A/C 5,520 JPY [ext link ]
02 years agolovato17lovato17
Is anyone selling her ?? Pm
02 years agogunsight1gunsight1
Really awesome statue! Would love to have her in my collection.
03 years agoDariaKyuDariaKyu
Selling mine, 130€ shipping for EU and PP fees INCLUDED! :)

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