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014 hours ago (14 hours ago)xShiroSakuraxShiroSakura Flagship
I'm confused, I just received my Panty today and her base doesn't seem to match Stocking's. Panty's base has more of a glittery, faded look, while Stocking's is pure white and less glittery.

I'm pretty sure the Panty I received is from the first release. Is anyone able to confirm whether there was a difference between the two releases? I've seen user pictures where Panty seems to have a base that has the same pure white look as Stocking's.

For reference, this is the different I'm talking about:
(mfc link)
01 day agoMiyabiReiMiyabiRei
Selling $130 brand new free USA shipping
02 days agoNinomaNinoma
In stock @ Ninoma (¥15,776)
direct link to the item - > [ext link ]
Shipped from Japan
Worldwide shipping
Official brand new item
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019 days ago (18 days ago)xShiroSakuraxShiroSakura Flagship
Looking for Panty at a decent price, preferably within the EU :)

Edit: Found on Amiami!
021 days ago (13 days ago)hugtowerhugtower
Selling for $110 with free shipping! US only sale #122201
01 month ago (12 days ago)sugardaddygaiussugardaddygaius
Selling both her and Stocking, like brand new condition! Panty at 120, Stocking at 140 USD. 10 USD taken off if bundled together. Ships from Canada!
01 month agormf13rmf13
Selling 2012 version, US only
(mfc link)
02 months ago (1 day ago)MiyabiReiMiyabiRei
still selling $130 free USA Shipping
03 months agoDribzDribz
I'm honestly really hoping that if Gainax is about to announce a season 2, Alter decides to re-release these...

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