Gojira - S.H.MonsterArts (Bandai)Gojira - S.H.MonsterArts (Bandai)


Gojira - S.H.MonsterArts (Bandai)





© Bandai / Sakai Yuuji

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01 year agoFigureGunplaFanFigureGunplaFan
Just saw this in Robot Chicken. XD

I want this, but I can't afford it...==
Check out the product in our shop (ext link)

Delivery to Germany and EU.
04 years agoMadashell91Madashell91
SO WANT!!!!!
04 years agoEZTVEZTV
Look at the 1st video on this site (ext link) showing the figure in a stop motion video from Japan.
04 years agoManicToysManicToys
Wow, amiami has it for a very good price. I want one. ;-;
04 years agoThunderThunder
Holy crap this is awesome!
04 years agoowengoweng
Do you have the price and the date when it'll be released ?
05 years agoSearchmanDSSearchmanDS
hive_destructionGo to hell Revoltech, Bandai just owned you.

Well, yeah lol. Bandai has permenant rights to Godzilla, Mecha-Godzilla, and King Ghidorah, so Revoltech is SOL.
05 years agohive_destructionhive_destruction
Go to hell Revoltech, Bandai just owned you.
05 years ago (5 years ago)SearchmanDSSearchmanDS
ziusudra42Bandai's new articulated Godzilla line. Not sure what the line is called yet. Or what specific movie Godzilla this is.

He seems more Heisei movie series in general compared to a specific movie.

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