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Asakara Zusshiri Milk Pot - Yuukidou Iori - 1/5 ...Asakara Zusshiri Milk Pot - Yuukidou Iori - 1/5 (Yellow Pursuit)

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Sold at Wonder Festival.
Total of 34 parts.



© Yellow Pursuit / Nyanska

Comments (9)

02 months agolegendary_yamchalegendary_yamcha
i need this. def no sites to buy this from huh?
11 year agokaanonkaanon
Impossible to got this...
11 year ago2160321603
I would absolutely love to get this kit. Anyone have an idea where?
11 year agomaxlinkmaxmaxlinkmax
futanari FTW~ now where can i find this kit~ *opening up yahoo auction jp*
12 years agoDacattackDacattack
Huh, can't say I am a fan of this particular figure....
36 years agosuzumiyaandysuzumiyaandy
"Oh, it looks innocent enough, let's take of the NSFW and take a look - OH GOD WHAT AM I LOOKING AT"
26 years agokilanikilani Sayaka Rank
yuuuuuck DXXXXX
36 years agobruceleebrucelee The legend Wannabe in T...
wha this inferno hotness...I must have this!!!
46 years agoOhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
I love my futas~~ (´・ω・`)


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