Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichi...Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)




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07 hours agorpjarrettrpjarrett
Please let me know if your selling her or a place I can buy her. Willing to spend a good chunk of money to get her.
015 days agoidolidol
please PM me if you're selling her!
02 months agosolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Looking to buy, please PM me if you are selling!
02 months agoPicklesPickles
If anyone is ever selling her, please contact me a.s.a.p! >///<
02 months agokittenphilekittenphile
PM me if anyone is selling her, take my money .w.
03 months agoGigglepoxGigglepox
If anyone is selling her, please pm! :o3
04 months agoLin-chanLin-chan
still looking for her ! If anyone is selling her please PM me !
17 months ago (7 months ago)EruiErui
Selling her!
Box and figure in great condition.
Please PM, if you interested.
18 months agoLin-chanLin-chan
I'm also looking for her ! Please pm me if anyone is selling her !
19 months agoichigosichigos
Just scored this sweetheart on Mandarake ;___; I've wanted her for ages.

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