Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichi...Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)


Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)



© Takara

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01 month agojennekohanjennekohan
Anyone selling her?
03 months agoNewfieAnimeNutNewfieAnimeNut
if anyone is selling, or knows where i can buy for for a good price, please let me know ;-;
07 months ago (6 months ago)llelowynllelowyn
Selling her cheap. Free shipping in USA.
sale #37431

See all my Figures for sale: (mfc link)

07 months agoyunie234yunie234
Holy shit! She already arrived! That was really fast shipping!
Eventhough she was pre-owned there was no big damage.
Only a slight colourfade on her boots ,which will be fixed with a little spray :)
I really love her <3
07 months agoyunie234yunie234
You know what's really damn cool?
I just bought her on mandarake for 4000 Yen!
Plus shipping and Handling fee it was 7200 , much cheaper than when she was released! Can't wait until she arrives *A*
011 months agoGameOverGerryGameOverGerry
I would put this on my first priority if I could find it. If someone was interested in selling theirs I would be very interested!
11 year agoiceminxiceminx
Now going on YJA for $40...but shipping and fees bump it up...anyone selling for a reasonable price?
01 year agolaurenk418laurenk418
Might consider selling mine if I get a good enough offer. PM me if interested in making one.
01 year agoShiratori1Shiratori1
東京ミュウミミュウ was one of the first Anime series that I watched, so I would LOVE to own this figure at some point. ^_^
01 year agoCelestilaCelestila
This is my most wanted Tokyo Mew Mew figure. ;-;

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