Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichi...Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)


Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)




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019 days agojennekohanjennekohan
Anyone selling her? I always seem to miss her on YJA, Mandarake, Rakuten... anytime I come across her it is for hundreds of dollars. : /
023 days agoVioMarinerVioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Just got her for 3000Y on Manda, a lil over 5000Y w/ shipping. I'm so excited! It seems like such a steal, I hope she comes in nice condition x3
02 months ago (26 days ago)quilehquileh
There's one listed up on Rakuten, opened but seem to be in good condition. I ordered one and they seem to be in stock <3 For way lower than normal price.

(ext link)

EDIT: got her today and she is so huge and perfect!!!
05 months ago (3 months ago)KoneokoKoneoko
Selling mine! :)
09 months ago (9 months ago)gummibehrsgummibehrs
I really want this.
09 months agoKiby19Kiby19
i find this horrible.....
010 months agololiloli
please pm me if anyone is selling her for less than $250!!
010 months agoKoneokoKoneoko
Mine arrived today and she is soo wunderful! ^_^
01 year agojennekohanjennekohan
Anyone selling her?

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