Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichi...Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)


Tokyo Mew Mew - Momomiya Ichigo - 1/8 - Mew Ichigo (Takara)




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015 days agoNewfieAnimeNutNewfieAnimeNut
Really trying to find her.. she is SO hard to catch whenever she pops up. Trying to get her for my birthday this year, i've wanted her for years. I pray i can find her on mandarake! cause everywhere else such as ebay she is extremely overpriced (as things usually are on Ebay)
01 month agojennekohanjennekohan
Anyone selling her? I always seem to miss her on YJA, Mandarake, Rakuten... anytime I come across her it is for hundreds of dollars. : /
11 month agoVioMarinerVioMariner PLATINUM Disco~
Just got her for 3000Y on Manda, a lil over 5000Y w/ shipping. I'm so excited! It seems like such a steal, I hope she comes in nice condition x3
02 months ago (1 month ago)quilehquileh
There's one listed up on Rakuten, opened but seem to be in good condition. I ordered one and they seem to be in stock <3 For way lower than normal price.

(ext link)

EDIT: got her today and she is so huge and perfect!!!
06 months ago (3 months ago)KoneokoKoneoko
Selling mine! :)
010 months ago (10 months ago)gummibehrsgummibehrs
I really want this.
010 months agoKiby19Kiby19
i find this horrible.....
011 months agololiloli
please pm me if anyone is selling her for less than $250!!
011 months agoKoneokoKoneoko
Mine arrived today and she is soo wunderful! ^_^

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