Space Knight Tekkaman Blade - Tekkaman Rapier - ...Space Knight Tekkaman Blade - Tekkaman Rapier - Armorplus SG (Bandai)



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Comments (4)

05 years agoAbicionAbicion
Reborns Gundam-like tendencies.

(p.s. Yes, I'm aware Miyuki's Tekkaman predates Reborns Gundam by about 20 years)
06 years ago (6 years ago)s4nzs4nz
Its not gonna be like the armor plus evil and blade that they released this year? with metal parts?
06 years agotenkawa-akitotenkawa-akito
MazintigerrRapier before Sol-Tekkaman? Really Bandai?

I's harder than rapier to sell can use new body of girl's saint cloth myth body for rapier!!!
06 years agoMazintigerrMazintigerr
Rapier before Sol-Tekkaman? Really Bandai?


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