Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Co...Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)


Vampire - Morrigan Aensland - 1/6 - Nishimura Collection (Max Factory)





© Max Factory / Hamasaki Takeshi / Nishimura Kinu

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2011 months ago (11 months ago)GurglewhatGurglewhat
skytoast (11 months ago) #2547066A lot of people consider this figure their "HOLY GRAIL". Well, I no longer do. It's gone up in value... 1/6th scale of a clump of plastic... I'd have to quit this hobby for good because my sanity (insanity) has gotten the better of me.
I think quitting this hobby for you may be for the best if that's how you're going to be.

A Holy Grail should be a figure that means a lot, not one that costs a lot or isn't worth much. The price should be the last factor of a Holy Grail IMO. Owning an expensive figure like this just adds to the pride of the owner which, I don't blame them. She's utterly gorgeous.

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03 days ago (3 days ago)aeoniaaeonia
got her for 28k JPY off Jungle (B condition).
without any additional comments from them she came with the pegs broken off in her feet (as i expected given her low price). besides that she's in A+ condition with a little cleaning needed. i plan to fix the pegs & customize the boring base over my break.
overall i'm quite satisfied with the price i got her for! it feels good to finally own this grail :')
08 days ago (8 days ago)kotoriikotorii
holy guacamole
42,000 yen on Manda
01 month ago (1 month ago)TreatyTreatsTreatyTreats
AmiAmi 41,380 JPY (A/C) - (ext link)

Grab her before I do.
03 months agoSolarisJapanSolarisJapan
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥58,075)

Pre Owned for ¥58,075
└ Check product page for item condition.
#3312020 // Sponsored by Solaris Jap...
03 months agodomhnulladomhnulla
(ext link) auction with 2 days to go, currently at 25k for anyone who wants to get in on that
14 months ago (2 months ago)DivineDivine

I am selling this girl for the cheapest price I've seen on the internet, $350.00 USD here only! She is 100% authentic and practically pristine! PM me if interested! And checkout my pictures, I have lots of her up, every angle so you know exactly what your getting.

If you want to go through Ebay she is listed here for a bit more to cover ebay fees:
(ext link)

Also I'm willing to work with you to make payments as long as she will be fully paid off within 3 months. I'm also into the BJD hobby and have sold dolls and doll bodies worth far more on Layaway before, I could give you a link to my feedback.
04 months agoZiZi
mine arrived today. She´s so big! loved it
05 months agoDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Berserkguts (5 months ago) #3121031She's up on, sealed 330€
(ext link)

Can an American buyer like me buy from France?
05 months agoZiZi
[quote]Hobbyist (5 months ago) #3100580She's up on Jungle, sealed 54K JPY (ext link).
Edit: And she's gone.

I got the Jungle one guys. Thanks. When she arrives I will report here (she was marked as sealed).
05 months ago (4 months ago)BerserkgutsBerserkguts
She's up on, sealed 330€

(ext link)

Edit : she's gone

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