Little Busters! - Kamikita Komari - 1/8 (Key Kot...Little Busters! - Kamikita Komari - 1/8 (Key Kotobukiya Visual Art's)


Little Busters! - Kamikita Komari - 1/8 (Key Kotobukiya Visual Art's)





© Key / Kotobukiya / Visual Art's / Takaku & Takeshi

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01 month ago (1 month ago)Xiao97Xiao97
Looking for her. If anyone is selling her please contact me. Thanks :3
05 months ago3gsid3gsid
Have to thin out my collection, so I might be looking into selling this one. In good shape, and comes with everything. PM if you want more details or are interested. In US
07 months agoGiaphanGiaphan
PM me if anyone is selling please. Thanks!
011 months agoNuTreeNuTree
Anyone selling? PM me if you are please!!!
01 year agoKirino_KousakaKirino_Kousaka Insane-chan
This is so cute!!~~~~ WANT~~~~
01 year agolaurenk418laurenk418
This figure is so annoying. Had it nearly a year and there are still bits of plastic round her skirt that I cant get off, not to mention how hard it is to change the faceplates and get the head to stay on securely.
01 year agokero-chankero-chan Wafuu?~ (>ω<)
(ext link) 5000 yen!
Go go GO!
01 year agoTenmaTenma The IdolM@ster
There is one now on Mandarake for 5500 yen:

(ext link)
01 year agoStalkingStalking Loli hunter
Putting her lollipop remotely near her mouth is so frustrating, it looks like she's about to push it into her nose >: I tried quite a lot and gave up after a while. Will keep on trying tomorrow or over the weekend.
Apart from that, extremely cute. Love the long ribbons and the sculpt of her skirt!
01 year agoBirdBird
I want!!!! ;n;

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