Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - H...Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai - Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru - Niitengo - Ore no Imo...






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01 year agoKapisketoKapisketo
Selling a full box unopenned. PM if someone is interested.
12 years agoHeartfiliaHeartfilia
her actual figure does not look like in the official picture, she is a bit tippin forward. :v
02 years agoSegaManSegaMan
Ya know, I have seen several pictures of her all over the internet, but im just now realizing how adorable she is.
03 years agokadachokadacho
I loooove her >///< if anyone is selling her please please please notify me!!!
03 years agoSztikeSztike
480 JPY [ext link ]
03 years agobethykinsbethykins
Merleawe bought me her for christmas :D
03 years agobethykinsbethykins
If anyone still has a spare please message me :)
14 years agogaogao
I have another extra duplicate for sale as well; feel free to PM me if you're interested.
04 years ago (4 years ago)X_BaconX_Bacon
I got two extras of her in my set. If anyone is interested, PM me.

EDIT: one left. :)
04 years ago (4 years ago)OhnoRaptorsOhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
If that's the secret of the set, then it has not been added yet due to lack of picture.

*Added item #89077

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