Nichijou - Naganohara Mio - Strap (Kaiyodo)Nichijou - Naganohara Mio - Strap (Kaiyodo)



Comes with Newtype Magazine 06/2011 issue



© Kaiyodo / Kagawa Masahiko

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03 years agoWooarghWooargh
The packaging is insane. 23cm x 9cm for a tiny little strap.
06 years agoJake_WJake_W
Got her from a local shop. Cute, but I've used these kinds of straps before. They don't last long. I just have her sitting on my shelf with my figurines.
06 years agoSmishedSmished
Got her today in a local shop =3
06 years agoObscure-DragonObscure-Dragon
Gah! Just this June?! I just missed it at Japantown T_T
06 years agoYourtimeYourtime
currently in-stock: here


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