One Piece - Aokiji - Excellent Model - Portrait ...One Piece - Aokiji - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates DX - 1/8 - Repaint with Coat (Mega...



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015 days agoTetsuZTetsuZ
Selling mine for $75AUD ($55USD approx)
07 months agoFullmetalPainFullmetalPain
Looking to buy this figure. PM me if you are selling.
13 years ago (3 years ago)DiloulDiloul
Yo !
Have you eard about the guys from AForce ?! No ? You should ^^
They sell P.O.P accessories to custom our P.O.Ps into even more awsome figures !
This is new and for the moment, you can find these exclusive and limited accessories at The Grandline Shop [ext link ]

For Aokiji :

More infos and photos here :
[ext link ]

Remember, the accessories come without the figure off course and it's limited so if you want them, go now !

For the moment, there is accessories for Akainu, Aokiji, Robin, Brook and Marco but
more will be announced in January ( maybe Kizaru ^^... )

PS : i have nothing to do with the editor or the shop, i just thought many of you would be interested too ;) I learned about this on the blog "Portrait Of Pirates The collection" Thanks to 3D2Y who iniate this ! ^^
03 years agojerokjerok
Selling mine for 60€.
04 years ago (3 years ago)Leaveno1behindLeaveno1behind Collector and Reviewer
[ext link ]

5000 yen on Mandarake :)
04 years agoZaffiraZaffira
[ext link ]
3600 yens
04 years agosakurachan1sakurachan1
up on amiami
04 years agokg9martinkg9martin
My very 1st Navy POP..=]
04 years agosuperchansuperchan
compare to local prices i could buy 2 of tem :p
04 years agosakurachan1sakurachan1
superchani have order it at amiami and it was shipped with SAL Small Packet(Unregistered)

its now back available at Hobby Search go fast order it because there is now the -50% discount for shipping

[ext link ]
its fine, i alrdy got him from amiami as well.

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