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Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - EX Figure (SEGA)Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - EX Figure (SEGA)



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© SEGA / Type Moon / Ozawa Shingo

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013 days ago (13 days ago)kiseki94kiseki94
Selling mine. Please check out my shop/profile for more details and pictures.

sale #117677
03 months agod2hiriyuud2hiriyuu
Selling for 25 including. Shipping in inside the us
03 months agodiojonadiojona
selling mine, PM me for more info
06 months agoElise_GrimwaldElise_Grimwald
I would have never thought this was a prize figure. I picked her up at Anime Midwest, and didn't even consider that she could be just a prize figure, especially given her quality and price ($45).
I don't really care too much though, as this is worth the price. She looked as good as the scale figures near her.

One question,though--what is the difference between the real figure, and bootleg? I picked her up under the assumption they weren't selling bootlegs, but I'm always concerned after I find out one exists.
The only difference I saw in photos was her base is white, and the paint job was bad

Mine has the red base, and there was one spot the paint isn't in the lines, but it otherwise is perfect.
010 months agomemzymemzy
anyone selling her for around 25? shipping included
011 months agoyota71yota71
memzy (11 months ago) #6493868anyone selling for a decent price?

plamoya 21.16€ [ext link ]
011 months ago (10 months ago)memzymemzy
01 year agoBargadielBargadiel
Selling mine, includes box and figure with all parts mint condition. Email me at bargadiel@hotmail.com for deets.
01 year agoSayuri-PSayuri-P
Selling mine (without box but with exchangeable head) within the EU & Germany! For more information, please PM me!
12 years agoSuppi12Suppi12
for 1000Y at Mandarake

[ext link ]

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