Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - EX Figure (SEGA)Fate/EXTRA - Saber EXTRA - EX Figure (SEGA)



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03 months agomemzymemzy
anyone selling her for around 25? shipping included
04 months agoyota71yota71
memzy (4 months ago) #6493868anyone selling for a decent price?

plamoya 21.16€ [ext link ]
04 months ago (3 months ago)memzymemzy
05 months agoBargadielBargadiel
Selling mine, includes box and figure with all parts mint condition. Email me at for deets.
011 months agoSayuri-PSayuri-P
Selling mine (without box but with exchangeable head) within the EU & Germany! For more information, please PM me!
11 year agoSuppi12Suppi12
for 1000Y at Mandarake

[ext link ]
02 years agoRieszRiesz
02 years agoIshyIshy Part time Puella Magi
I've just gotten her after a long time and I'm pretty happy with her. She's a prize figure, there's no denying it, but she looks pretty nice as for such cheap figure. She looks good next to GSC's Inori.
02 years agoKaoruKaoru
Riesz (2 years ago) #1958297Mine just arrived and she's absolutely lovely!
Her paintjob is nearly perfect. The only flaw I could find is on one of the black lines on the back of her dress - the paint strays slightly out of the line. Still, I'm very happy with her quality for the price and for being a prize figure.
The Mandarake listing noted damaged box but mine seems fine. I couldn't find any dents or creases anywhere.
Best 800 JPY I've spent, I think :)

Totally agree with you! I received her today and I love it :)

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