Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Kinoshita Hideyoshi...Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu - Kinoshita Hideyoshi - Nendoroid Petit (SEGA)




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04 years agoJoichiJoichi
Selling him, since I preferred the R2 racing Hideyoshi more: item #54266
04 years ago (4 years ago)ShotayanShotayan Definitely a Shotacon (...
Fff I got him. ; u; He's so ridiculously adorbsss. His crossed arms seem a little wonky though, I can't get them to settle nicely. hmm.. Still, its very minor :3
04 years agoAkuma-samaAkuma-sama
Got him too)))
04 years agoSShirokazeSShirokaze
got him today *0*
04 years agoShotayanShotayan Definitely a Shotacon (...
I'll definitely take some nice pics of him once I get him <3
04 years agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
Got him yesterday. Looks very, very cute. I'll take some detailed pics once it stops snowing. =X
04 years ago (4 years ago)JoichiJoichi
Hmm.. I like how Sega's pose of him was just folding his arms, no accessories, just that. >.< Ok, I gave in and ordered him :3

escape_ropeYesterday I almost cancelled my order on HLJ and placed an order on Otacute since shipping takes always so long when it comes to HLJ. HLJ's SAL shipping takes at least 2 week when Otacute's takes only a week to arrive.

That really depends on where you are living, for my experience; HLJ is the fastest and safest delivery.. since I love how I can control what to put into my cart and it arrives in perfect condition :)
04 years agoCeltic7GuardianCeltic7Guardian
As did I. It looks like a few more are in stock at HLJ, if anyone wants to grab him.
04 years agoAkuma-samaAkuma-sama
04 years agoSynchrodiesSynchrodies
Also getting you! Thank goodness they made a Yuuko and a Hideyoshi :3 Now to gather funds

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