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Dengekiya Exclusive.

Accepting orders from August 2011 onwards.



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01 month agoPurple_MidknightPurple_Midknight
Chichi9521 (1 month ago) #16288780Hi yes I am still selling her :)
i'v pm'd you :)
01 month agoChichi9521Chichi9521
Purple_Midknight (1 month ago) #16267986do you have this still as i would like to get her from you, i am UK based too :) Hi yes I am still selling her :)
01 month agoPurple_MidknightPurple_Midknight
Chichi9521 (8 months ago) #9447533Selling for £10 including shipping (UK Only) In great condition and includes everything. Bust parts can be loose on figma and the rose which inserts into the stand when not in use is very loose. Box has slight damage. Please PM for more details. Edit: still available :)

do you have this still as i would like to get her from you, i am UK based too :)
08 months ago (1 month ago)Chichi9521Chichi9521
08 months agoGhaoulGhaoul
Up on Mandarake (unopened) for 2500 yen - [ext link ]
011 months agomikki-malumikki-malu
Well, now I know what 'stains' in Ami's description may look like :) Mine was C/B but came sealed on both sides and all her parts wrapped, hands and stand unopened so it might be production fault, I don't know. Her upper skirt looked dark even through the window and when I took her out there were black smudges and fingerprints literally all over it, like someone touched the skirt with dirty hands. Other than that the figure is fine, even the inside of the skirt is OK. The soap didn't help so I used tooth powder. It removed a good part of it but the dark shade still remains. I can't say I'm upset because it cost only 1650y and I didn't expect her to be perfect at C state but keep this in mind if you plan to buy this figma.
011 months ago (11 months ago)AdelfunsAdelfuns
I picked mine last saturday. I got it from amiami, it's a "C/B" with stains in the skirt, the red one. Good thing that those stains are like paint drops, see [ext link ]
Does anyone has tips for removing those stains?
01 year agofrostocelotfrostocelot
[ext link ]
1,920 JPY for condition C/B and "stains all over the skirt", which is a very common factory defect for this figma that can be cleaned
01 year ago (1 year ago)lisauntielisauntie
So my manda order didn´t go through, but this time I got her from amiami so I´m excited :D

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