Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon - Les ...Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon - Les Belles Guerrières Sailor Moon (Bandai)


European Version, price can vary



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01 year ago (1 year ago)CosmicLoopCosmicLoop
Does anyone know if there's a difference between the European/Japanese versions? I got this doll with no box and some missing accessories. All her back says is "(c) TKTT" "BANDAI 1993" "MADE IN CHINA" and the stand must be mismatched because it's from Takara.
03 years agoRieszRiesz
Hehe, I have all of these dolls still. I left them in storage with my mom when I moved though.
05 years ago (5 years ago)ImanovImanov
I got this in a very famous department store here like 10 years ago, the same toy... I don't get this 'european version' stuff, mine was japanese o_o'..
05 years agoGlitterberryGlitterberry
I actually got this in an Easter Basket XD
06 years agomistabluemistablue
Barbie loved to transform as Sailor Moon
06 years agocece23cececece23cece

Alguna vez la tuve xD
07 years agopsychomaehpsychomaeh
Meine konnte man auf dem Bauch drücken und dann hat se gesagt: Mondstein, flieg und sieg. Jaja, schon bisl Panne xD


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