One Piece - Nico Robin - Super One Piece Styling...One Piece - Nico Robin - Super One Piece Styling ~Ambitious Might~ - One Piece Styling (Banda...



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05 years agoEisenheimEisenheim
Really nice figure. For her size, her paintjob is really well made. The only thing I would discuss is her eyes. While most of her figures match her anime blue eyes, this one has a very thin blue paint making her eyes look black. But overall a nice cheap figure. I can't wait to display her with the POP "Sailing Again".
05 years agoKurogaKuroga
In stock on Amiami [ext link ]
16 years agoSneakySpyGuy21SneakySpyGuy21
I got excited thinking this was a POP for a second. I have two of the super styling figures, they look pretty decent for the price. I might get this because of the size.


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