One Piece - Nami - Portrait Of Pirates Neo - Exc...One Piece - Nami - Portrait Of Pirates Neo - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse)


One Piece - Nami - Portrait Of Pirates Neo - Excellent Model - 1/8 (MegaHouse)



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07 days ago (7 days ago)SengokuGensuiSengokuGensui
Bought a sealed one from Jungle at 13K, then a few days after this came up:
Manda opened but unused / box severely damaged 7.5K (ext link)
Why this shit always happen to me? ;; Oh well, let someone else enjoy it... This one on me guys (:
02 months agoYakuriYakuri
$80 no box + shipping + paypal fee, PM if interested, I really need the money :)
09 months ago (4 months ago)Atras-KainblutAtras-Kainblut
01 year agogumonshoegumonshoe
01 year ago (1 year ago)Swag_PSCSwag_PSC
Looking for this figure is anyone selling her or a place I can buy her from
01 year ago (1 year ago)AyslinAyslin
Selling mine for 120€ sale #48273 The fig is stick to the base.
01 year agoAtras-KainblutAtras-Kainblut
on eBay for 99$ (without Box)
(ext link)

That's what she would be worth (even without box). I mean, this is still the most beautiful figure of Nami. No doubt :)
02 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
Finally, I finally have this legendary grail piece!
02 years agoRaithosRaithos Existential
Got a deal for an opened one off a friend, she's coming soon!
02 years agoCrimson_DragonCrimson_Dragon
Woot! Snagged for a total of $124 on ebay.

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