Strike Witches - Strike Witches 2 - Gertrud Bark...Strike Witches - Strike Witches 2 - Gertrud Barkhorn - 1/8 (Alter)


Strike Witches - Strike Witches 2 - Gertrud Barkhorn - 1/8 (Alter)




© Alter / Mumei

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03 months agoDariaKyuDariaKyu
3000 yen on manda!!! (ext link)
16 months ago (6 months ago)Gigan22Gigan22
I picked her up pre-owned but unopened at AmiAmi. She's my first Strike Witches figure and I love her. Now I want to collect all of Alter's Witches. Maybe I should have decided this when the first ones were coming out now that some are quite expensive... I can only hope for a re-release or a new version of them.
17 months agobomsboms
She was on sale at HobbySearch for 3900Yen but I missed it ;_; Why I slept early last night???
09 months agoAzyxAzyx
Is it normal that if I'm holding the figure, the metal rod will just fall from her as it is not tight enought? She can still be displayed, but kinda bug me that she's not tightly secured to the metal rod.
09 months agoAzyxAzyx
Is there any store that don't offer SAL Small Packet for her >.> ?
09 months ago (9 months ago)hipozaurushipozaurus is trying her best!
@Raiski: I don't have her yet, so I can't tell for sure, but if the leg suppose to come off it'll be pictured on the instruction, I think. Please take a look at that piece of paper. If there isn't anything written/drawn about that contact BiJ~

EDIT: got her today and both her legs stay firmly with the rest of the body...
09 months ago (9 months ago)RaiskiRaiski
Is her left leg supposed to come off? Surely at least one of the 137 users owning her knows. My bf just got his and her leg fell out, so I want to know if it's purposedly detachable or if this is a defect that we should contact BiJ about?
010 months agoasrttyoxoasrttyoxo
admiral_Kikan (10 months ago) #1567745You have to take it up with the post office, though nothing will happen because USPS does not give a damn how they handle your packages. Send HS a message as well.. Me and Kolektakon are taking up damaged package issues with USPS as I type.

Kolektakon does a great job for their (his) custormers.
010 months agooorhonoorhon
if it's an EMS they do pay back for it..But if it's SAL Small Packet, you won't get anything...
010 months agoFishiFishi
admiral_Kikan (10 months ago) #1567881I'll just have to wait on a message than go from there... they won't refund shipping if they refund your money... who is refunding your money?

I'm guessing HS will give me the refund once post office process the claim... If the post office doesn't lose the paperwork that is. :/

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