Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Akemi Homura - 1/8 ...Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Akemi Homura - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)


Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Akemi Homura - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)





© Aniplex / Good Smile Company / Aoki Ume / Yokota Ken

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021 hours agoVyliVyli
13,000 yen on Mandarake (unopened) (ext link)
04 days agosakuraadropsakuraadrop
NunnallyLulu (1 month ago) #2214778I think Ill message them again with my gmail and then get my friends emails to send the request over and over again hahahaplease do that (y)
09 days agomartinsmartins
I really want this figure. I guess I'll have to monitor amiami pre-owned section so I can have a chance of grabbing one.
09 days ago (9 days ago)ChristownChristown
Another one.

AmiAmi A/B 12,980 (ext link)
012 days agoChristownChristown
KitMan (12 days ago) #2297035Thanks for the heads up :P

No problem, happy to help! :)
012 days agoKitManKitMan
Christown (14 days ago) #2294445AmiAmi A/B 12,980 (ext link)

Thanks for the heads up :P
014 days ago (13 days ago)ChristownChristown
AmiAmi A/B 12,980 (ext link)
023 days agoNunnallyLuluNunnallyLulu
I really wanted this so I could have the pose with the gun BUT since I reaaaally hope their making this homura item #236242 I wont bother with this one anymore
023 days ago (23 days ago)ChristownChristown
Two on AmiAmi A/B 12,980 (ext link)
01 month agoWilliham1234Williham1234
Anyone in the UK or europe looking to sell her for a decent price please pm me

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