Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Tomoe Mami - 1/8 (G...Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Tomoe Mami - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

07 months agoXKatanaXKatana
5,000 yen mandarake (ext link)
07 months agoAoimokuAoimoku
(ext link) amiami pre-owned: B/B 5,760 yen, B+/B 6,480 yen, A/B 7,180 yen
07 months agoSilverJinxSilverJinx
Selling the entire set on ebay (ext link)

Offers accepted!
07 months agoRubynextRubynext
In stock @ Japan Best
Get it now - shipping worldwide
#2693159 // Sponsored by Japan Best
18 months agoPurrplePurrple
Yiss, she is my first of the whole set and i'm suuuper happy!! I hope I can make some new photos of her
38 months ago (7 months ago)HikikomarieHikikomarie
Finally ordered her. She's my grail... I'm crying. She will be my first scale figure ! Waifu for laifu.
08 months ago (7 months ago)XKatanaXKatana
7,000 yen mandarake (ext link)
09 months agocy00txcy00tx Pronounced 'cute' !
Selling mine! US buyers only! 75$ + shipping.
09 months agoDystaniaDystania
Ordered her for 5k. The yen rate is just too good to pass her up any longer. <3
09 months agofrostprinzfrostprinz
imouto_madoka (10 months ago) #2499807Selling mine for £35 plus £6 shipping (within the UK)
Kept in perfect condition
PM if interested <3

maybe shipping to germany? :)
010 months ago (9 months ago)ZachabyZachaby
Opened up in Manda for 5000 yen, cheapest I've seen! - (ext link)
010 months agoimouto_madokaimouto_madoka
Selling mine for £35 plus £6 shipping (within the UK)
Kept in perfect condition
PM if interested <3
210 months agoTomoeTomoe neL killed my wallet
Managed to snag my number one princess ( as can be told from my MFC username) off of Mandarake for 5000 yen~ now she will be my first 1/8 figure! <3 I'm so excited! :3c
shipping to NA: 1280 yen if anybody was curious in purchasing her for themselves! <3
010 months agobabyofcrybabyofcry
5840 yen B/B Condition!: (ext link)
010 months agokuuumakuuuma
selling BNIB!
011 months agoXKatanaXKatana
7,000 yen mandarake - (ext link)
011 months agom00dym00dy
Ahhh she's perfect! Just received Mami and Madoka from amiami preowned, pretty sure Mami wasn't even opened. She's really perfect!
011 months agoana33ana33
still selling mine brand new for £60 , please pm
011 months agoHoro_Horo_
Selling mine! Kept in a glass case and looks mint.
211 months agobabyofcrybabyofcry
my patience PAID OFF!!!~ i got her for 5840 yen on amiami preowned B/B!! im so happy she's one of my grails ;u;

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