Durarara!! - Celty Sturluson - 1/8 (Alter)Durarara!! - Celty Sturluson - 1/8 (Alter)


Durarara!! - Celty Sturluson - 1/8 (Alter)



Can be displayed with or without the helmet.



© Alter / Ascii Media Works / Narita Ryougo / Takahashi Tsuyoshi / Tanaka Sen'u

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133 months agoYan-sanYan-san
re-release! re-release! re-release! -chants-

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015 days agobelletzxbelletzx
im selling shizuo, izaya and celty in one set, BIB only display once. PM to offer your price if interested, prefer Malaysia buyer. will let go separately only if there is taker for each.
027 days agokemandokemando
OH WOW. Good thing i got her when she came out! She is one of my favorite figures, and characters. :3
21 month agoOrannisOrannis
Finally watched DRRR and now I'm really sad I missed her. Hopefully when the new season comes out she'll get a rerelease, and if we're lucky a Shinra to pair her with.
12 months agoJejuneJejune
zito9 (2 months ago) #212335415,000JPY :O
(ext link)

Haha, I bought this. :P Twice the price but I don't like hoping for months for a re-release, it's lame enough just waiting for Yoko!
Anyway she looks lovely. Really like how you can see through her visor and partially her scythe at certain angles.
22 months agozito9zito9
15,000JPY :O
(ext link)
133 months agoYan-sanYan-san
re-release! re-release! re-release! -chants-
03 months agolakeofragelakeofrage
Selling mine, pm me.
03 months ago (3 months ago)SkylarSkylar
Looking for this figure, if anyone selling let me know.
04 months ago (4 months ago)simakaisimakai
Selling her for 90$ + shipping and Paypal fees. Also selling Izaya and Shizuo. PM for more info!
14 months agoana33ana33
Hoping this means a re-release FigureDuchess (4 months ago) #2046343I'm freakin psychic!
The moment I'm starting my Celty review, 2nd season gets announced!
awesome! :D
here it is: (ext link)

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