Soukou Akki Muramasa - Sansei Muramasa - 1/7 - M...Soukou Akki Muramasa - Sansei Muramasa - 1/7 - Maid (Max Factory)


Soukou Akki Muramasa - Sansei Muramasa - 1/7 - Maid (Max Factory)




© Max Factory / Nitroplus / Namaniku ATK / Shining Wizard @ Sawachika

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06 days agoTakasugiTakasugi
Amiami A/B 12,980 JPY (ext link)
07 days agoC0ll3ct0RC0ll3ct0R
New Muramasa August! :)
11 month agovyseoftheskiesvyseoftheskies
So despite my March being costly to hell and back...I saw this figure unopened on Mandarake for 12k yen and I jumped on it. I've been looking for this one for a while now [new], so how could I not?

I must stop going to Mandarake. It is not good for me.
01 month agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
Still on the fence with this one since I don't own any maid figures.. It might clash with the rest of my collection. xD
01 month agoAssopAssop
I want her
12 months agoBearnardBearnard
She's beautifully well done. Probably my favorite figure. Highly recommend.
02 months ago (1 month ago)brandymallorybrandymallory
Selling Mine, $90 CAN, Opened and Displayed. + Shipping. PM for info. Thanks! SOLD
03 months agoRedlipsRedlips
I'm looking to sell mine sale #42223
04 months agomerurumeruru
She's grown on me. I need her. Dat ass >~< she'd look good with Shoujo M...
15 months agoastrumastrum the unnecessary guy
Okay... so a part of me wants to get her and then get GSC/MF Tharja... put them together... and it just feels so perfect o.o...

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