Original Character - Yoshii Hotori - 1/7 (Native...Original Character - Yoshii Hotori - 1/7 (Native)


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Order period: 2012/12/20 ~ 2012/01/30'

Made to order.



© Native / abec / Kawanishi Ken

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01 month agoNinjamitosaiNinjamitosai
Selling brand new in box and perfect condition, still in Natives original white gift wrap. Ships free and expedited with extra care from USA. Sale #84668
01 month ago (1 month ago)HotoriHotori
Selling her along with her postcard. Pm me if interested. Also willing to do trades.
03 months agoacidburnacidburn
Why does it seem like this figure in particular from Native is going for so much money?
04 months agoRobokoRoboko (=^ ◡ ^=)
i really want just her postcard i will pay £20 ($30) please PM me if you're willing to sell!! ^^
37 months agoGetterDragonGetterDragon
So hot and sexy..
07 months ago (7 months ago)KaelanKaelan
Selling her for 170 USD (Free shipping within the US.) Pm me if interested
08 months ago (8 months ago)MasterWilliamsMasterWilliams
Selling, $160 sale #70161
09 months ago (8 months ago)ZariganiZarigani One who spends too much...
Selling mine for $140 + S&H. sale #69018 Please feel free to make an offer through PM's and we can discuss prices. :) I'm moderately flexible and I want these to go to fellow collectors first. Sold. Thank you for your interest. I have other Native figures for sale if you want to PM me or check out my other ads. :)
09 months agoRubynextRubynext
In stock @ Japan Best
Get Yours Now!
#2699283 // Sponsored by Japan Best
09 months agokeithgatorkeithgator
Still selling sale #56155

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