Megami Tensei - Jack Frost - Jack O’Lantern - Me...Megami Tensei - Jack Frost - Jack O’Lantern - Megami Tensei One Coin Vol. 1 (Kotobukiya)



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© Kotobukiya / Shirahige Tsukuru

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02 days agoDark_MephistoDark_Mephisto
Seeing how rare these SMT capsule toys have become I am glad I got it back then from play-asia, even if I paid import fees out the wazoo.
22 years agoOurBraveHeroOurBraveHero
Basically my most wanted thing of all time. But I can only find it for like... $50 places. And I can't in good conscience spend $50 on something that's like 2 inches tall...
03 years agogamagoorugamagooru
If anyone has one for sale, please send a PM my way!
04 years agoPookaPooka
Mine should be arriving any day, cannot wait!
05 years agoHarrison_1990Harrison_1990
Where can i buy it?


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