Original Character - Kamijiri Momoka - 1/5 (Okay...Original Character - Kamijiri Momoka - 1/5 (Okayama Figure Engineering)


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© Okayama Figure Engineering / Matsumoto Drill Kenkyujo / Minheru

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07 months agoRubynextRubynext
In stock @ Japan Best
Get Yours Now!
#2699655 // Sponsored by Japan Best
09 months ago (9 months ago)HSkeletonHSkeleton
Found her on Amiami B/B condition, the rating had me really worried but box and figure are excellent condition with original plastic still on the figure just like new. That's one grail off the list, couldn't be happier!
010 months ago (10 months ago)HSkeletonHSkeleton
There's a new/unopened one on YAJ currently at 13500 yen (ext link).

I was going to bid but it's already out of my price range. ;_; Still a good deal for those who can afford.
01 year agoJc21095Jc21095
Is she supposed to be wearing two pairs of underwear
01 year agoJc21095Jc21095
SatisFaction (1 year ago) #2366275(ext link)
I wish I had the money to get this right now
01 year agoSatisFactionSatisFaction
Jc21095 (1 year ago) #2363329Anyone know where to get this figure
(ext link)
01 year agoJc21095Jc21095
Anyone know where to get this figure
01 year agoShadowstepShadowstep
I did manage to snatch on from Rakuten back in the day for only around 130USD, though i sold her due to bankrupcy, i would suggest you to regularly check amazon.co.jp and rakuten you never know when a good offer might pop upcatfairy (1 year ago) #2236693This figure is so over priced, I mean I'd get it if it was Polystone, etc but 180+ is too much money ;-;
01 year ago (1 year ago)vidaotakuvidaotaku
Sellin mine! Any offer PM me. From Europe. Thankx >.< (ext link)
For the people who don't know why the price is kind high is very easy.
(ext link) <- EUR
(ext link) <- USD
11 year agocatfairycatfairy
This figure is so over priced, I mean I'd get it if it was Polystone, etc but 180+ is too much money ;-;

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