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Original Character - Kamijiri Momoka - 1/5 (Okay...Original Character - Kamijiri Momoka - 1/5 (Okayama Figure Engineering)

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© Okayama Figure Engineering / Matsumoto Drill Kenkyujo / Minheru

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025 days agoJ-FigureJ-Figure
Pre-owned A/A- condition at 22.8K. [ext link ]
026 days agoakaisha0akaisha0
Looking to purchase. Used is fine. Based in USA.
23 months ago (3 months ago)Cr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
Just got mine today, the shipping was super fast I'm really lucky for once since in France postal service is shit ^^

I didn't encounter any trouble with custom once the package arrived in Paris. I guess having requested Manda Nakano to undervaluate the shipping was a really wise choice, either for the tax bill which would have been horrible at this price or simply trouble with law (with those bias about lolicon and stuff...)

Anyway she arrived safe and sound but... hey I didn't expect the box to be THAT big. This was quite something xd

Otherwise the figure inside was in top-notch condition, her diaper was already cut-off but I don't mind since I won't display her with. There is a slight paint flaw on her nappe, but nothing too bad. For a 5 yo fig, she's still in a super good state.

Concerning the figure itself, the size is really perfect for me. I expected something a little bit bigger due to the 1/5 but I guess there isn't much of a difference with my other 1/6 scale.

The pose is super cute while being at the same time super lewd (that's what made me buy the fig in the first time). Other than that I really love all the attention which has been made on her pussy ~ clit, urethra, labia, vagina, and even the womb looks super fantastic and really exciting. The lovely and tiny lolicious tits with the top of her dress pulled up is also really lewd and cute, as well as her expression with those two large dildos in her small childish hands ^^

I truly think this is one of my favorite/lewdest figure I'll ever own. I feel like I'm super lucking for having purchased her for only 170€ without any tax and a safe handling. I probably won't get any other fig from Okayama figure engineering because I find all the other fig pretty damn ugly... but Momoka was the one I fell in love with at first glance so I didn't hesitate to get her when she was up again on manda =)

But I still hope the company will bring some more loli figs in the upcoming years, as nice as momoka would be perfect for me.

Anyway, I'm actually one of the happiest lolicon on earth xd
03 months agoCr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
Ordered for 19k on manda! Damn I can't wait to see how she looks like =)
04 months agootakurepublicotakurepublic
In stock @ OtakuRepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
[ext link ]
#19746713 // Sponsored by GoodsRepubl...
06 months agootakurepublicotakurepublic
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
[ext link ]
06 months ago (6 months ago)MutchkincatMutchkincat
Selling a brand new one, at the moment. PM me! If interested. SOLD OUT
06 months agoCr4zyDuckCr4zyDuck
I'm looking to buy this figure for a reasonable price, sealed/used I don't mind as long as she is in good shape. I'm from France, feel free to contact me.
07 months ago (6 months ago)lickthelolilicktheloli
Looking to buy this figure

Found one.
11 year agoReinierReinier
AwesomeLoliLover (1 year ago) #12642791I've taken a risk on two preowned figures, both were great luckily but I definitely understand being hesitant lol good luck with this one!

Thank you :)

yoshikoo (1 year ago) #12705049Hey im the person who bought this from mandarake. The figure is in well condition except for a small mark on her left ankle which can be erased. Overall its almost as if the figure is new and unopened. Everything is in order. Never be afraid of mandarake.

Thank you for the feedback on your purchase :) I appreciate your feedback on your shopping experience with Opened/Box Damaged items from Mandarake to see if its worth it or not to take the risk for hard to find items.

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