Lamento Beyond the Void - Konoe - Plush Strap - ...Lamento Beyond the Void - Konoe - Plush Strap - Plush Strap Series (Gift)


Lamento Beyond the Void - Konoe - Plush Strap - Plush Strap Series (Gift)



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05 months agoyuuichisanyuuichisan
Finally got him to accompany Rai! Still hoping he'll get a normal size plush like Youji (*´・v・)
05 months agoSShirokazeSShirokaze
rerelease pls! :v
05 months agoHokaidoPlanetHokaidoPlanet
looking to buy, Rai is all alone on my shelf :c
06 months agoBrenbananaBrenbanana
If someone ever decides to sell theirs, I'm interested! (:
09 months agoLittlebreezeLittlebreeze
If someone sells him pls PM me! I can't find him ;_;
010 months ago (10 months ago)cutieepinkyycutieepinkyy
Pls PM me if you're selling!! I only have Rai ><
01 year agoKyoyaKyoya memento mori.
finally got him ;n;! <3
01 year agoSheliaShelia .✿. fujoshi
My proxy shipped Konoe & Rai today <3
01 year agoAtticumiAtticumi
Konoe arrived today ;_; I love him
01 year ago (1 year ago)DschiiDschii
I received my Konoe today. For such a small plush, he has amazing quality, I am really impressed. Hopefully they will consider doing Asato and Bardo too (or at least a series of bigger Lamento plushes). Now GIFT just needs to stop that limited/exclusive craziness.

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