Metroid: Other M - Samus Aran - 1/8 - Zero Suit ...Metroid: Other M - Samus Aran - 1/8 - Zero Suit ver. (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)


Metroid: Other M - Samus Aran - 1/8 - Zero Suit ver. (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)




© Good Smile Company / Max Factory / Nintendo / Shining Wizard @ Sawachika

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03 days ago (2 days ago)StephanieStephanie
Selling mine: sale #48175
04 days agoDexterinoDexterino
So ever since the new redesign for ZSS in Wii U's Super Smash Brothers. I'm just hoping for a new statue of her to come out.
07 days ago (7 days ago)JackonCrackJackonCrack
Reinier (5 months ago) #1842518big list of purchases!!!!!!!!!

uwah...i feel so bad just looking at your list. my sympathies to you. >_<
018 days agoPaulichuPaulichu
Picked her up for retail at a local event. LOVE her SO much.
02 months agoTeTeTeTe
she has a sexy body but the face is just too western to me. but of course this is supposed to be faithful to the original material but still...not my cup of tea.
03 months agoSztikeSztike
5750 JPY (ext link)
04 months agoRyanHljRyanHlj
In stock @ HobbyLink Japan (¥7,058)
Product page => (ext link)
#1876532 // Sponsored by HobbyLink J...
04 months agoskytoastskytoast
Daiki Kougyo figures seem to retain their value and go up despite their quality being pretty crappy than the rest... But I dont want to go off topic and get into a long discussion here over figure valuation on this figure post about Samus. Best to do this in blog forum.
05 months ago (5 months ago)ReinierReinier
skytoast (5 months ago) #1842292But I'm sure many of you also care about figure value as well.

Of coarse, nobody likes paying twice as much for a figure that someone else who didnt pre-order could aquire for half as much when it hits bargain bin. Here are a couple of the ones that I pre-ordered that bargain binned:

item #13777 GSC Triumphant Saber, purchased back in 2010 when the exchange rates were like ¥80:$1 and it turned out to be $148.93 with shipping, now you can get her for $60-$70 shipped easily because she was re-released and over produced during the re-release.

item #31596 Daiki Leina, I paid $152+35 for EMS shipping = $187 for it back in 2010. Now the figure is selling on Mandarake and other sites for ¥8,000 Sealed and it hasnt even had a re-release yet.

item #109879 Megaghouse Rider, I paid $108.82 for him with SAL shipping. Shortly after he hit HS bargain bin for ¥4,750, half as much.

item #137132 Megahouse Irma, paid $83.59 for her with shipping and after release she bargain binned for ¥4,000 (half price)

item #5453 Freeing Konata, I paid $178.10 for her with EMS shipping back in 2011 (EMS shipping was like $40), now you can get her for ¥6,000-¥8,000.

item #38848 CM's Eris, I got her for $108 with shipping during the pre-order period back in 2010, now you can get her for ¥3,000-¥5,000 + SAL shipping.

Many of the times for popular figures its not worth pre-ordering, its usually cheaper to buy them pre-owned later on or waiting until they bargain bin. The only figures that sky rocket in price shortly after release are Native and Max Factory (made solely by Max Factory, not in collaboration with any other company).
05 months agoskytoastskytoast
It makes me think if any of these figures are going to be worthwhile in the long run. It's probably best to avoid these popular figures (almost everything on the top lists here at MFC) and go for those obscure figures if you want to see some value increase. Unless of course you really want it which then the monetary value is meaningless anyways. But I'm sure many of you also care about figure value as well.

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