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01 year ago (9 months ago)TigerChanTigerChan
12 years ago (2 years ago)flyingteapotflyingteapot
She arrived the other day, and (;A;) I've been wanting her ever since she was announced (lol I found my comments here about it), so I'm really happy I was able to get her at an amazing price.

The flag was kinda though to tie up and put together, I'm not good with things that require so small attention, so I hope I did everything right.

The two poles that actually carry the flag are even heavier; but once placed on the base, they're almost impossible to get out (I tried >_>) So I'd like to suggest you should figure out if you're going to place the flag on Shery'l hand or not before placing the poles and the figure on the base. Since everything stands so strongly together, I had to be super careful to not force or break anything while trying to make her hold the already-placed flag. Thankfully nothing broke ^^;;;;

Because of the huge flag & base, she needs a lot of space. I had to remove 2 figures around her to properly display her OTL

Overall I'm really satified with how majestic everything about this figure looks and I'm glad I was able to purchase it.
02 years agoflyingteapotflyingteapot
Ordered her!! *-* so happy~
02 years ago (2 years ago)SbabSbab
3000 ¥ on Mandarake, Unopened.
03 years agodeja_vudeja_vu
jungle: Y4,725
[ext link ]
03 years agodeja_vudeja_vu
jungle: Y4,725
[ext link ]
03 years agodeja_vudeja_vu
jungle: Y3,150
[ext link ]
03 years ago (3 years ago)KINPIKAKINPIKA
Due to circumstances, I have to sell mine. I'm selling her for $53 CAD (price negotiable). Please see my store for details and PM if interested. Thanks. sold.
04 years agoKUEKUE
how about the quality of this figure?DustinKim (4 years ago) #1227474Finally, I got her for 5,000 yen, unopened, minor box damage (That I just cannot find at all) plus shipping.
I love how she looks so far, but don't have the guts to open her up and display her.. well, one of the main reasons is because of her size, I don't know what would be a good place to display her.
04 years agoKitsuneUdonKitsuneUdon
K-books Ikebukuro also had her, 5000Yen.

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