One Piece - Rob Lucci - Hattori - The Grandline ...One Piece - Rob Lucci - Hattori - The Grandline Children (Banpresto)



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02 months ago (2 months ago)Play-AsiaPlay-Asia
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02 years agoTakasugiTakasugi
300 yen w/ Jyabura [ext link ]
03 years agokingplayerkingplayer
Available in our European store [ext link ] (for non-EU residents keep in mind that you get 19% tax off during checkout process)
03 years agobluclaudinobluclaudino
I'm selling mine for 10€ + Shipping in all the world.

04 years agoSedgeSedge
I want a 1:1 scale figure of the suave gentleman on the left.
04 years agobluclaudinobluclaudino
SELLING MINE! :) 15€+Shipping from Italy, email me for info:
04 years agobluclaudinobluclaudino
I'm selling mine: 20€+SS, contact me here or on my email for info:
05 years agoTrashCatTrashCat
finally got him and I love this line. please continue banpresto! :D
05 years agosyunriisyunrii
....S-so cute Q A Q
05 years agoAtras-KainblutAtras-Kainblut
Now I regret that I didn't bought the POP Lucci...*sigh*
His child version is so cute


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