Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu - Achakura-san -...Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu - Achakura-san - Revived ver. (Bandai)



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Comes with the Spring 2009 Shounen Ace Assault issue



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Comments (7)

06 years agoStrife212Strife212 Original Blue
I bought one at last!

999 yen!
07 years agoetherliteetherlite
hee, didn't thought that it will become this rare

well, i also took almost all of my holiday in Japan to find her last year, and found it in the day before i left. Lucky~
07 years agoStrife212Strife212 Original Blue
Argh I really want this, impossible to find it though.
08 years ago (8 years ago)iron2000iron2000
Its a 2.5cm tall figurine with a chain attached to its head.
08 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
price 580
08 years agoKaichiKaichi ☆☆☆
yes, the price is 680 yen, i think.
08 years agoMarshmallowpieMarshmallowpie
Very cute~ so this is one of the freebies from a Shonen Ace magazine?


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