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Entry for a competition; [ext link ]



© Banpresto / Nakazawa Hiroyuki

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01 year agomikki-malumikki-malu
[ext link ] Mandarake has 3, 6000y each
01 year agoR_DorothyR_Dorothy
Finally! I was so bummed near the beginning of this year when I just missed one on AmiAmi. Finally another popped up!
01 year agoMatrawMatraw
Looking to buy this figure, PM please, thanks.
01 year agoYet2kYet2k
Just got her, she's amazing but, unfortunately the seam on the back is too noticeable for me.
02 years agoGreenIllusionGreenIllusion
Oh dear, just found out about her, and instantly bought her... First impulse purchase in quite a while, hope I don't regret it too much.
02 years agoKetchupRevengeKetchupRevenge
Ultimadrago (2 years ago) #2730399Anyone selling this?
I don't know if you're still interested, but I'm selling mine. I take US buyers only. PM me for details.
02 years agomikki-malumikki-malu
[ext link ] 4780y Terraformer
02 years agoUltimadragoUltimadrago
Anyone selling this?
03 years agoKetchupRevengeKetchupRevenge
The only gripe I can really think of with this figure is that she's smaller than the rest of the line, and doesn't scale well with anything.

From the base to the top of her hair is only around 4 inches or so.
04 years agomaggiemaggie
Wow, I got mine and she's amazing! The quality isn't the best, but I can't argue with the fantastic sculpt. She really is meant to only be viewed at a few angles, and at those angles BAM! she's perfect. I'm surprised there aren't more good pictures on here of her, hopefully I can fix that.

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