Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! - Kinoshita Hidey...Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! - Kinoshita Hideyoshi - Premium Prize - Chinese Dress Costume ...





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03 months agokurumikurumi
selling for 15 USD free shipping
01 year agokurumikurumi
Is anyone selling him?
11 year agoMomomeiMomomei
Selling for $15 not including shipping. Please PM me if interested!
02 years agoshi-en-tashi-en-ta
[ext link ]

sold for 12 euro
tempting... but my wallet already bleeding
03 years agoMaakieMaakie
I just wrote a review about him, I hope you all enjoy~!

(mfc link)
03 years ago (3 years ago)camui_ayumicamui_ayumi
03 years agoKazamirKazamir
Wrote a review for this set. Check of out here:

[ext link ]
04 years agoSztikeSztike
Amiami 1050 JPY with Mizuki [ext link ]
04 years agoclautjejoepieclautjejoepie
I got him in yesterday, not too pleased.
At the seamline in his hair there where pieces of pvc sticking out like it had been broken off of a bigger piece. So I had to sand it...

HORRIBLE seamlines at the arms and legs, so sanding those as well... To make the seamlines worse there were GLUE-like lines along it like it had been glued together, more appeared when I sanded away the seams so with a soft brush I applied some light, skin-colored blush to it to hide it.
The seamlines resulted in HOLES at his ankles, of course I couldn't sand those away TT^TT
The wrists and ankles have been shaded/blushed with a very reddish color... wanted to sand that away at first bit I might've made the holes worse...
The silver of his hairpins was ALL OVER his hair, managed to get that off with sanding paper as well as the black/green/white/red spots that were ALL OVER his arms, legs and outfit.
To finish this rant off his face looks very dull to me and from a 3/4 angle isn't pretty in any way... add to that the pvc pretty much STINKS when getting him out of the box...

I'm not giving this one a high rate... I'm not going to ask for a new one, I've managed to make it look pretty good.
So, to wrap things up, about the only thing I like about this figure is the pose and sculpt itself... coloring and seams = horrible...
04 years agoAkuma-samaAkuma-sama
Finally paid for him!

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