Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel - HQF - 1/8 (Tsume)Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel - HQF - 1/8 (Tsume)


Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel - HQF - 1/8 (Tsume)



  • Limited
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Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide.



© Tsume / Romain Clouet

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21 month agoPhisixPhisix
Natsu Dragneel - (ext link)
01 month agonanami_channanami_chan
Is someone still selling natsu? :) I really want him:)
12 months agoNaruto-59540Naruto-59540
I sell mine if someone is looking to buy!!
08 months ago (7 months ago)LowlanderLowlander
I'm selling mine
shipping worldwide
contact me
48 months agoRikudouRikudou
Tsume Natsu - Official vs Bootleg

This is a comparison video of Tsume's Official Natsu figure from Fairy Tail vs the Bootleg. The purpose is to show you guys the differences so you can easily spot the bootleg.
29 months agoRikudouRikudou
Filmed my Natsu figure :) He's so awesome! /happy Natsu

I will soon be making a comparison video of Tsume Natsu vs the bootleg, to show the differences etc.
09 months agoTascheTasche
Still have one for sale, PM for info.
09 months agobrucesolmianobrucesolmiano
What site will be the cheapest to order Tsume products from? That ships to US. Thanks! :)
19 months ago (9 months ago)StebbieStebbie
I'm really happy I bought the GSC one. (Even though its a bit orange) Tsume really needs to work on their sculpting and paint job... I've seen better prize figures than this....This Natsu looks terrible! The hair is not correct, his face is off and he is way to skinny! I know the anime makes him a bit too masculine but this figure looks too boyish to me.

I bought a Sebastian figure from Tsume and they totally got the face wrong as well!
Overall... Not happy with the price compared with the quality. Gajeel looks descent but still not worth 80-100 euro's.
I paid about 80 euro with shipping included for my levi statue from kotobukya. Thats a figure you can ask € 100 or more for. Not these figures from tsume......
010 months agoPinOuWestPinOuWest
A vendre pour 70eu. FDP a votre charge.

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