Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel - HQF - 1/8 (Tsume)Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel - HQF - 1/8 (Tsume)


Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel - HQF - 1/8 (Tsume)



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Limited to 3000 pieces worldwide.



© Tsume / Romain Clouet

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11 month agoRikudouRikudou
HaikyuuTrash21 (1 month ago) #5428933This looks like a bootleg of the good smile one lmao

People have different preferences, however this one doesn't look like a bootleg. In my opinion, Tsume Natsu looks better than Good Smile Natsu. Good Smile Natsu makes him look like some Dragon Ball character/One Piece.
01 month ago (1 month ago)sknskn
I sell my Natsu. pm me
11 month agoHaikyuuTrash21HaikyuuTrash21
This looks like a bootleg of the good smile one lmao
23 months agoPhisixPhisix
Natsu Dragneel - (ext link)
03 months agonanami_channanami_chan
Is someone still selling natsu? :) I really want him:)
14 months agoNaruto-59540Naruto-59540
I sell mine if someone is looking to buy!!
010 months ago (10 months ago)LowlanderLowlander
I'm selling mine
shipping worldwide
contact me
411 months agoRikudouRikudou
Tsume Natsu - Official vs Bootleg

This is a comparison video of Tsume's Official Natsu figure from Fairy Tail vs the Bootleg. The purpose is to show you guys the differences so you can easily spot the bootleg.
211 months agoRikudouRikudou
Filmed my Natsu figure :) He's so awesome! /happy Natsu

I will soon be making a comparison video of Tsume Natsu vs the bootleg, to show the differences etc.
01 year agoTascheTasche
Still have one for sale, PM for info.

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