K-ON!! - Manabe Nodoka - EX Figure - vol. 3 (SEG...K-ON!! - Manabe Nodoka - EX Figure - vol. 3 (SEGA)



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010 months agoCybogirlCybogirl
Got mine not long ago... she's a really nice figure and well made. The base is a let down as it's just plain but the figure itself makes up for it! No major paint faults. Definitely worth purchasing.
01 year agoDeadDigitizerDeadDigitizer
selling this pm me an offer shipping worldwide.
02 years agojosefolshjosefolsh
I bought her for 200 yen when I was looking for Tsugumi's figure(guilty crown)
03 years agogamergibbonsgamergibbons
Picked her up at my local anime store. Paid a bit more than I should have, but she looks great!
03 years agocashaloucashalou
Got this ordered. Hopefully it may arrive around a week or so. Can't wait for them with both Azusa as a pair :)
04 years agoSztikeSztike
300 JPY [ext link ]
05 years agovhaystevhayste
Any idea where I can find her? My girlfriend's looking for her.
05 years agoKingdom-JudgeKingdom-Judge
Bought her yesterday. I can't believe how long I had to search for her.
05 years agoPasuteruUsagiPasuteruUsagi
got her for 13$! so excited to have a Nodoka figure!
05 years agoTwilliKTwilliK Mukyu~
Yes! Love me some Nodoka. She needs more figures.

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