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Queen's Blade - Alleyne - R-Line - 1/7 (Griffon ...Queen's Blade - Alleyne - R-Line - 1/7 (Griffon Enterprises)


Queen's Blade - Alleyne - R-Line - 1/7 (Griffon Enterprises)



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    ¥8,190 convert into USD
  • Standard
    ¥8,190 convert into USD



© Griffon Enterprises / Akiyama Akio

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011 months agoJmeuJmeu
sell this item, 70€+shipping, not opened,PM me.
01 year ago (1 year ago)diggadangdiggadang
If anyone still looking. I have it listed as auction (ext link)

Good luck! =]
02 years ago (2 years ago)moonzamoonza
Hi, if anyone is looking I have this figure for sale #29031
02 years agoCannibalLollypopCannibalLollypop
I adore this figure, she is so stunning and her base is great too! I would highly recommend this girl to any Queens Blade fan!
02 years ago (2 years ago)TaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
Wow the re-release has better quality :0
03 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
(ext link) Put my old one up for sale here...
03 years agokai789kai789
6280 yen amiami Preorder (ext link)
03 years agoDemiSoulsDemiSouls
6000yen (ext link)
03 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
(ext link) 6,500 yen.
04 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
Hm; A picture on figure.fm is actually convincing me that this is rather nice too... oh what the hell... I like Alleyne too much anyway. *adds*

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