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Queen's Blade - Alleyne - R-Line - 1/7 (Griffon ...Queen's Blade - Alleyne - R-Line - 1/7 (Griffon Enterprises)



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© Griffon Enterprises / Akiyama Akio

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01 year agoJmeuJmeu
sell this item, 70€+shipping, not opened,PM me.
02 years ago (2 years ago)diggadangdiggadang
If anyone still looking. I have it listed as auction [ext link ]

Good luck! =]
03 years ago (3 years ago)moonzamoonza
Hi, if anyone is looking I have this figure for sale #29031
03 years agoCannibalLollypopCannibalLollypop
I adore this figure, she is so stunning and her base is great too! I would highly recommend this girl to any Queens Blade fan!
03 years ago (3 years ago)TaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
Wow the re-release has better quality :0
03 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
[ext link ] Put my old one up for sale here...
03 years agokai789kai789
6280 yen amiami Preorder [ext link ]
03 years agoDemiSoulsDemiSouls
6000yen [ext link ]
04 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
[ext link ] 6,500 yen.
04 years agoTaralenTaralen Sinbad Hoarder
Hm; A picture on is actually convincing me that this is rather nice too... oh what the hell... I like Alleyne too much anyway. *adds*

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akiyama_akio    alleyne    armour    blond_hair    blue_eyes    boots    cape    cast_off    detached_sleeves    elf    elven_ears    female    griffon_enterprises    hat    large_breasts    midriff    no_panties    queen's_blade    r-line    skimpy    spear    warrior    weapon 

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