One Piece - Donquixote Doflamingo - Excellent Mo...One Piece - Donquixote Doflamingo - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates DX (MegaHouse)


One Piece - Donquixote Doflamingo - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates DX (MegaHouse)





© MegaHouse / Ishiyama Yuuki

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12 months agoLionheartLionheart
Just arrived, and it is clear Yuuki is the best P.O.P sculptor. I didn't even realize it, but I own most of his P.O.Ps now.

This figure is MASSIVE. He takes up the space of 2 figures; he is 10 feet tall and extending his arms, after all.

His negatives are his base stability and how his head is positioned. He kind of tilts on the base, but he's not at a risk of falling off. You just have to find the right balance and he will be fine. His body is kind of leaning forward, in his pose, and this makes his head tilt lower than the other P.O.Ps. The problem with this is, to fully get a great view of him, you have to bend down and stare straight at him. He is in the background, of my P.O.P collection but he still shines. His colors pop out, he has a unique base color, and really captures Doflamingo.

Oh, and almost forgot the third flaw of this figure. He is missing his hairy legs. These clearly standout in the anime and manga, but are missing from this figure.
02 months agoRickettsRicketts
Anyone looking to offload one of these? I'm in America.
04 months ago (3 months ago)grahamakergrahamaker
selling $75 shipped. Pm me for buying
09 months ago (4 months ago)davidgabrieldavidgabriel
I'm selling for $50 plus whatever shipping it costs to send it to you. It's used but still in perfect condition. Still have the box. It's in the box ready to sell now. Message me if you're interested. 7-11-2014
09 months agosongokousongokou
(ext link) 4,560 yen
09 months agoIggytoothIggytooth
I can never get over how fabulous he looks here :P
09 months agoRyanHljRyanHlj
In stock @ HobbyLink Japan (¥7,372)
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010 months ago (8 months ago)piratestylepiratestyle
Wow I was surprised at how big and heavy he was. I underestimated the size of this figure haha; was expecting like a regular human size because it's not that noticeable in pictures but his arm span and weight is like comparable to SA Franky. Also was not expecting the coat to be like that; it's so large and thick and also somewhat hollow inside.
010 months agokurohigenkkurohigenk
amiami in stock 19%OFF 6,140 JPY (ext link)
010 months ago (10 months ago)ronrironri
kngu (11 months ago) #1883082Quick question: Are his arms removable?
There's plastic wrapping between the arm and his coat that I want to remove which I'm not sure how to without messing up. Thanks.

Not sure if you already solved your problem, but this can also be useful for any one else wondering. Yes, the arms are removable as they can be posed depending on how you want his hands positioned. They're fairly easy to pop on and off without any risk of damage on the figure.

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